** Form included** Estimate of Giving for 2021

Please advise us of your 2021 giving plan using the form here:

Estimate of Giving 2021 Form
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Letter from Fr. Ian:

Dear Zion Family,

This time of year is one of joyous anticipation of the birth of our Lord. It is also a time to reflect to whom each one of us will give charitable contributions in 2021. One is a gift that we receive - one is a gift that we give in return with gratitude.

I so appreciate being with you during this interim time in your parish life. Since the beginning of August, I have been getting to know you better and better. One of the strange advantages of being on Zoom, is that I you invite me into your homes. I know that it is not quite the same as a house call, but I find it a privilege to be with you and so invited.

We are in need of your estimates of giving for the calendar year 2021. When a church needs to budget it should do so with an understanding of its income. These estimates are the major income source for the church.

You know that the biblical standard for the Church is a tithe – 10% - of our income. The tithe is also a challenge to which many are striving. This year I am asking you not only to give as you have in the past but to add 1%. So, if you currently give 5% then I am asking for 6%. You can work it out. Please add more if you are able!

This year, we are including instructions for giving online, either by direct debit or by credit card. We prefer direct debit as credit card companies take about 3% and we prefer not to pay that charge. Even more helpful are recurring monthly gifts. I have been giving online this way for many years and it is painless. It just happens and the churches and groups that we support are thrilled as they know that our donation is coming in regularly and predictably.

Bless you all – God loves a cheerful giver. Please advise us of your 2021 giving plan. It is now possible to create an online, recurring donation for 2021 at this link: https://onrealm.org/zionchurchmanchester/give/pledgepayment

Just see how God can multiply your generosity in the life and ministry of Zion Church.

In Christ,

Fr. Ian – Priest during the interim


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